It’s time for the SWAN Team (that’s you) to participate in the Stroke Walk.  Please join your fellow SWAN friends and ‘walk for stroke recovery’ on February 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM.  In addition to meeting up with friends, enjoying  the beautiful late February weather, taking on the challenge of walking (or wheeling) 1 mile across the Tempe Town Lake bridge,  you will get a colorful T-shirt with our team name on it. 

Bring your children, grandchildren, friends or a pet. There will be activities for all.

If you can’t attend on the 25th, you can still register to be on our team and help us fundraise. Every penny helps!

The location is Tempe Beach Park which is located on the Northwest corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. If you want to use your wheelchair, there will be plenty of volunteers to push you and you can ride in the lap of luxury. 

Register or donate by clicking on this link

We can’t wait to see you there!



Over the weekend, we had our 2nd Annual Parkinson’s Boot Camp. This year turned out to be even better than last with tango lessons, a barbeque, caregiver support sessions, and much more. Check out some pictures from the Boot Camp.

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Kay Wing on the Dr. Drew show

A few months ago, Kay Wing, the owner of SWAN Rehab, got the chance to surprise one of our long time patients with a new Bioness device on the Dr. Drew Lifechangers show. We’ve been anxiously waiting for the air date and we finally have one. The show will air Wednesday Jan. 18, 2012 on his Life Changers program. Click here for local listings.

Make sure you tune in!

So why not take charge of your health and get back into physical therapy?

We are offering so many new and exciting programs this year (all of which just happen to be at  incredibly low prices) that you don’t have an excuse not to come to SWAN Rehab.

Here are just a few of the specialized programs we have to offer:

  •  Parkinson’s Boot Camp: This will be our second Parkinson’s Boot Camp  on Jan. 28th and we couldn’t be happier about it. This year, we’ve packed all of the fun activities and training  into one day. Please call Emily at 602-393-0520 to register today. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!
  • Total joint program: SWAN Rehab offers a total joint program that facilitates an early and safe return of function, as well as eductation and training for life after joint replacement.
  • HOPE fitness: Exercise is the key to staying health and continuting your recovery. HOPE fitness provides an individualized exercise program designed by a therapist.  Sean, our exercise specialist, assists every patient with their program in order ensure their safety.

Please call us at 602-393-0520 with any questions about our programs. We want to help you make 2012 the best year possible.

Our therapists at SWAN Rehab are so talented that even our front office personnel are patients!

Dr. Schneider discusses SWAN Rehab

Please click the link above to watch Dr. Schneider talk about his time at SWAN Rehab and his road to recovery.

SWAN Rehab was on KPHO last night discussing Rep. Giffords and AHCCCS

Sean won this Fun Friday for best pink outfit in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

With open enrollment underway, people are beginning to have many choices in insurance policies.   Medicare is a federal fee for service program, which pays for your part A and part B benefits.  There is also a Part D program which covers the prescription drug plan. 

One of the biggest and most confusing aspects is how Medicare compares to a Medicare Advantage program.  A Medicare Advantage plan is administered by a private insurance company to which Medicare pays a set amount every month for each member.  These are often an HMO (provides its service through a group of doctors, medical personnel and facilities that work directly for the HMO. The care of its patients is done at its clinics by its doctors) or PPO (allow you to visit whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a primary care physician.)  Medicare advantage plans, as commercial insurance, follow Medicare billing guidelines, but not how the member will receive services.

 Being a Neurological Rehab facility, the significant difference we see between Medicare and Medicare Advantage is with Rehabilitation Therapy (such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy).  Medicare does not require prior authorization if these services are needed.   Most of the Medicare Advantage programs require prior authorization, and will be subject to medical review. We have found that the prior authorization process may limit the amount and intensity of therapy that can be received. 

 The above information is different from supplementary insurance plans.  In these the supplement pays for the 20% that Medicare or the Medicare Advantage plan does not cover.

 It is wise to research Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans before choosing a policy.  For further information, or for information on your current plan, go to the following web page.

 If you have questions please call Ericka at SWAN Rehab at 602-393-0520 and she will be happy to answer your questions.

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